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Priti Lathia

"The Adventures of Marco Polo"

Mixed media on paper



18" x 24"

Framed size 26" x 32".
When I was working on this painting, my husband was watching this show on Netflix about Marco Polo and kept talking to me every morning about it, so somehow the excitement of his adventures stuck in my mind. Hence the exotic title of the painting, inspired by the Netflix show. I Enjoyed using shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect.
"I enjoy playing with and rearranging colors, lines, and shapes to create images that I want to look at. I want my work to be surprising, playful, and provocative. Some of my paintings are doors, others windows. They are all portals. I continue to use these symbols because they are a joyous and mysterious language that is somehow both deeply personal and universal." ?Adria Arch

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