Jill Pottle

Clam Factory

oil on panel




My paintings and drawings have been described as "expressionist realism." I primarily work from life and reinterpret the subject into a personal response to convey my story. In contrast to the unruly subject matter, the stationary keep my lust for the visual truth diverse, exciting and alive. In the painting/drawing process, I get lost in the moment, searching for that perfect brush stroke or that delicious color combination or that mark that leads to the vivid illusion of reality. In all things, I see the world as a mirror and have an insatiable curiosity and passion for the various subject matter. The materials I use to create are oils, acrylics, drawing, and collage materials. Different subject matter enables me to explore the virtues of each medium. I am fascinated with common household items. I explore the humor, emotion, and relationships between still-life objects. The controlled lighting and stationary subject matter allow me to involve myself more directly in the emotional tension between the objects. In windows and metal, the enticement is in the reflections, motifs, and congested areas that intrigue my eye. I work en Plein air and the figure to keep a renewed observation vision. The landscape reminds me to be spontaneous when I return to the studio. Drawing is ever-present: out of the necessity of seeing and searching with pure marks, values, and descriptions. Collage is the bridge between all my intuitive visual effects that help me find my way back to painting.