Andrea Olmstead

The Procession


12"H x 18"W x 7.5"D



One of Yellowstone National Park's most popular female alpha wolves, 832F, caught my attention because she was a fierce and adventurous one-hundred-pound alpha female that could take down an elk by herself. Due to her fearless spirit and unusual independence, she captured the attention of researchers and wolf-watchers before accepting two males and beginning what would become one of the most visible and successful wolf packs in Yellowstone's history. In 2012, she stepped out of Yellowstone's protective border and was shot by a trophy hunter. Her pack emerged from the safety of the woods and remained by her side howling.
"The Procession" represents the spirit of 832F. The young woman is alpha. The wolves protect her, but they are also the embodiment of her. She crosses the bridge between life and death, as we all must cross bridges through each new experience and stage in life. We don't know what may lay on the other side; but hopefully facing triumph or tragedy with the courage and spirit of 832F.