Bruce Neumann


Curly Maple, Stainless steel

96" x 48"



Since the renovation of the gallery, I've been thinking about site-specific installations, thoughts which began to coalesce around a large Calder-style mobile in the upper reaches of the gallery. On hearing the call for artists for "Natural Visions", this seemed like the right time to create such a piece. While the shapes are not strictly representational of natural shapes, they are suggestive, and when enlivened by a gentle breeze, a mobile can seem almost alive.
Where Calder used painted metal for the "leaves", as a woodworker I have chosen brightly died curly maple, a wood which exhibits its own life and texture. While this mobile is not a copy of a particular Calder, it certainly is inspired by his technical and artistic approach.
[NOTE: I was unable to find a spot where the mobile could be suspended, and get a good picture. So the phot makes it look un-naturally 2D. Suspended in the gallery it would be much more 3D. And, while this piece exceeds the 6' limit stated in the submission requirements, it will be above peoples heads, and not taking up floor space]