Ellen Fisher

Across the Pond

Fiber Art/Cotton Fabric: Commercial & Hand-dyed by the artist

23 x 23



In "Across the Pond" I explore the way that reflections bring up ambiguities between figure and ground. Above the waterline, in this piece, the masses of trunks and foliage are dominant, with patches of sky as background. In the water, however, the light patches of sky become the focus of attention. In my work, as I celebrate the beauty and mystery of Nature, I also use subtlety and abstracted representation to bring up questions about what is real and what is illusion.

"Across the Pond" has a fabric sleeve sewn on the back to contain a wooden dowel about 2 inches shorter than the quilt. The dowel has screw eyes in each end so that the piece can be hung invisibly from 2 points.