Ellen Fisher

On the Ridge

Fiber Art: Cotton Fabric, Botanically Printed and Dyed by the Artist

21 x 36



This landscape was inspired by two results of an botanical printing session. First was the brilliant orange dye in yellow cosmos flowers, which reminded me of a sunset; second, the dark lines on the edges of the bundles, which looked like tall trees. As I built the quilt, the scene became ambiguous: a glorious sunset or a menacing forest fire? I couldn't decide. Especially as we become aware of the threat of climate change, all contemplation of the natural world is on the edge between joy and fear.

"On the Ridge? has a fabric sleeve sewn on the back to contain a wooden dowel about 2 inches shorter than the quilt. The dowel has screw eyes in each end so that the piece can be hung invisibly from 2 points.