Ellen Foust

Bullough's Pond: Early Fall Clouds Rolling In

Archival Inkjet Photographic Print

15" x 18.75"



This image is from an ongoing series of Cloudscapes, images of interesting clouds reflected in the calm waters of Bullough?s Pond in Newton, MA, one of many Newton properties stewarded by the Newton Conservators (https://newtonconservators.org/property/bulloughs-pond/
). I have been working on this photographic series almost daily throughout the two years of the Pandemic, creating a collection showcasing the best skies the pond offers up. I donate all proceeds of the sale of these images to the Bullough?s Pond Association to offset costs of conserving this beautiful natural environment, home to a multitude of animals, fish, and plants. Although climate change has ruined the pond?s ability to freeze and the skating hut has been torn down, there are plans to dredge it so it might freeze again. Framed dimensions: 21.5" x 25.25"