Meryl Ruth

Ra-ta-tat Tea, A Ceramic Teapot

Stoneware clay, underglazes, feathers

16.5" x 13.0" x 3.0



My teapots are functional with lid, handle and spout yet my main interest is in developing the
unique artistry of each individual piece.

I use a variety of techniques to achieve the desired look for my teapots, which in this case was to compose a trompe-l?oeil effect of weathered wood. These techniques included throwing on the wheel, hand-building, carving, creating press molds and slip cast molds; I also employed photo silk-screening on clay, airbrushing glazes onto clay, using China paint techniques and creating original ceramic decals. I kiln fired multiple times.

I stay open to new ideas and inventions. In my studio I play, experiment, explore, wonder, and push the envelope. I don?t mind making a mess, getting nowhere, getting frustrated, encountering and taking advantage of mistakes so I end up somewhere I didn?t expect to be with my art. I?m excited by surprise, adventure, exploration and experimentation.

Ra-Ta-Tat Tea, A Ceramic Teapot, was inspired by the large pre-historic looking Pileated Woodpecker that spent time outside my studio window.

This piece is hand-built using a mid-fire stoneware clay. The handle is the bird itself while a
part of the big branch opposite the bird is the spout. The red abstracted element atop the
main straight part of the branch or body of the teapot is the lid. I glazed the lid red to match
the Pileated Woodpecker?s red crest. I used underglazes for coloration. This teapot is fired to
cone 5/6. I used real red feathers on the crest of the bird.