Meryl Ruth

Tesserae in Refracted Light, An Art Quilt

Cotton fabric, fabric paints, cotton batting, multi-colored threads

31.5" x 23.5"



I photographed a prehistoric-looking pileated woodpecker that was just outside my studio window. I photo-silkscreened this image, using an eleven-color separation on two white cotton panels. Fabric paint was the medium I used in this print-making process. Both panels were further enhanced using the airbrush technique and hand-painting with fabric paint. One panel was then cut into vertical strips while the other was cut into horizontal strips. These strips were woven back together. I sewed black cotton borders to this newly woven panel. Cotton batting was then sandwiched between layers of the completed silk-screened artwork and a black cotton backing. I finished the artwork by machine quilting using multi-colored threads and the satin stitch.