Stephanie Shore

What If?

quilt/fiberart/cotton fabrics, painted, dyed, monprinted, sunprinted, stamped and stenciled by the artist




What If? is part of a series made during the darkest part of the pandemic. During that time I had been meeting with friends in a grove of trees. The grove and the light I could see through the canopy of leaves became my haven, a place of safety and security and a metaphor for a return to joy. I began with a series of abstracted maples leaves drawn at multiple scales. I chose the maple leaf because of its many indentations that would permit other leaves to be visible underneath after layering. To further enhance the effect of a profusion of leaves, I used hand painted fabrics that I stamped or sun printed with maples leaves and stenciled more leaves with Pitt Pens. I cut away parts of the appliqued leaves to create an implied sashing. The resulting grid-like structure evokes a feeling of the stability I so longed for at that time.