Kimberly Harding

Joys and Sorrows

Reed, twigs, roots, prunings, ribbon, yarn, strips from my wedding dress, paint



On the surface, this sculpture is a cherry tree in blossom. However, it�s really a piece about memories. So many of my memories are entwined with the nature sanctuary Habitat in Belmont, MA, beginning in 1989 when visiting it with my then fianc�, Josh, to decide if we could afford to get married there. We fell in love with this place and chose to wed there under the cherry tree in the formal garden. It was May and its pink blossoms were at their height. I like to remember it as a perfect day, but like all memories, it has unraveled a little, like the strips of fabric from my wedding gown used to twine the tree together. I don�t mind this; I am happy with the fluidity of memories. Let them sway and tangle and untangle. The beauty of Habitat and the happy memories I started there have lured me to visit regularly. The tranquility I have found there has also provided comfort for many sorrows, large and small, that inevitably come with living. Hovering near the trunk are the dangling ghosts of those who are no longer present in my physical life. Yet each flower is a joy.