Rebecca McGee Tuck

Giacometti's Hat

Top hat, collected costume jewelry, thread, wood, paint



As a child, my art teacher was my Aunt Fran. She was a great inspiration for me and helped me become aware of artists throughout history. She also was a storyteller and an avid reader. She once told me a story about the artist Alberto Giacometti and of his relationship with his brother Diego. The legend that she told to me was that Giacometti had an uncontrollable urge to carve his sculpture until it was so thin that they would snap. His brother Diego would watch the progress of the pieces and stop Giacometti at a point at which he believed the piece was finished. This tale fascinated me and I came to believe that Diego was as important as Giacometti was to the sculpture process. I made this sculpture with this story in mind. The collections of costume jewelry were given to me by friends and family. I challenged myself to use every piece that I was given within this sculpture--not leaving even one piece out. Giacometti's Hat, in this way, is a collaboration with the people who gave me these items.