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Craig Brodt

Oak Burl

T – 3 Clay slab, built base, textured with bark impressing into slab before raising cylinder form and altered. The burl was slab, build an altered. The firing techniques are on the base, low fire glaze con 06, and then smoke fired, and carbon later clean to desired look/color. The Burl was fired to cone 6 in oxidation. The inside was cone 6 glaze under a cone 10 Shino to create crackle surface with gloss glaze peeking through.. Lastly, the outside was a black oxide/iron. wash.




I use the tree/burl as a metaphor in my work. There are two opposing living forces that have their own tension living in unison. The burls that I create are vessels. As humans we are living vessels, taking nourishment in order to grow. I consider the balance of the interactions of the human population. People today are having problems working and living together. The burl development starts as an irritant, and it's growth is dependent on the tree, as a symbiotic relationship.

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