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Esta Carnahan

The Eternal Mother Of All Things Great And Small

High fire stoneware, High fire glazes , acrylic paint. Hand-built. Mixed media objects: brass scale, my children’s plastic toys, hair & teeth, birds nest, grandparents pocket watch cover & jewelry, godmother’s turtle shells, deceased mother’s cooking herbs/spices/rice, father’s quail feathers, black feathers, deceased mother’s fur cuffs from wedding dress, snake skin, rubber bottle nipples from feeding days, bird pelts.

30 x 33.5 x 30.5



A birth of a new vision, a fertile strong mother, smiling in the face of her mortality. She transcends this as a goddess that weighs her decisions and attachments against a feather. Many of the objects are from my family honoring life cycles/ mythological archetypes and the balance of dualities.

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