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It’s time to renew your membership to LexArt. Now, more than ever, you matter to the legacy and the future of this community. The pandemic changed so many things and LexArt is no exception. We have been hurt financially and while online classes and sales have started to replace lost income, a significant gap remains. As in the past, membership is our most important source of funding and we hope you will renew today. 


These past few months of closure and social distancing make it abundantly clear that you are the lifeblood of this organization. Our physical plant has been an empty shell without you—though we are carefully planning to welcome you back soon.


We quickly learned that our arts and crafts community thrives beyond just our physical space. Many of our guilds quickly adopted regular videoconferences so they could continue to learn, share, and even create together. Our Painters and Photographers Guilds’ shows moved to our website, where for the first time our artists’ work is available for purchase. We began offering our first online courses, attracting students from as far away as California. Meanwhile, members actively shared their work through our Instagram and Facebook pages, connecting our community with wider social networks and keeping creativity part of everyday conversations.


As we lean into the post-shutdown world, we pledge to find new ways to provide value to you, our members.


On July 16, we debut LexArt Inspires, a series of monthly online gallery conversations with distinguished artists from the visual, performing, and literary arts exploring the interrelationship of inspiration, creativity, and perception. Within days, we begin renovation of our main gallery. When the Molly Harding Nye Gallery reopens in the fall, we will enjoy a state-of-the-art space to host LexArt Inspires and other innovative events and to display the creative expressions of our members and other accomplished artists from the region.  


Over the next year and beyond, we expect to offer these new events as well as our long-established classes, workshops, shows, and marketplaces in a shifting mix of virtual and physical activities. We’ll be experimental and creative to discover what works—but that’s what LexArt artists do best and we hope you’ll stay with us for the ride.


Please use our online renewal. It’s contactless, fast and easy. You are also welcome to fill out a paper form  and mail a check if that is more comfortable for you. As always, additional donations are appreciated. 


Thank you. Together we can craft our future.



Wayne Davis

Interim Executive Director

Lexington Arts & Crafts Society


(781) 862-9696


130 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421, US  (map)


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Office    M-F  9am - 4pm

Holiday Market Place:  Daily:  11am - 5 pm, or by reservation, 10am-11 am.

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