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27th Annual Regional High School Exhibit: March 4, 2023 to April 2, 2023

Featuring the work of students from Bedford, Burlington, Lexington, Minuteman, Waltham, and Winchester high schools, this exhibit showcases the creativity and innovation of area students and high school art programs and helps raise funds for our high school scholarship program. All sales proceeds from our gallery gift shop will support our annual cash awards to graduating seniors pursuing careers in the arts.

To donate to the High School Scholarship Program, please click on the link:

Artwork Artist: Adelpha Bathol: Waltham HS, Andrew Dillon: Burlington HS, Ashlee MacKinnon: Burlington HS, Carly Saunders: Minuteman HS, Cassidy Soohoo: Burlington HS, Dove Jimenez: Burlington HS, Eiko Coram: Burlington HS, Eiko Coram: Burlington HS, Evan Kim: Burlington HS, Georgia Doherty: Burlington HS, Isaac Kneiss: Winchester HS, Kamila Santos: Winchester HS, Leo Wang: Winchester HS, Livia Errico: Winchester HS, Maddie Spreadbury: Burlington HS, Mairin Norton: Winchester HS, Michaela Landry: Waltham HS, Paul Jeon: Bedford HS, Rachel Swaine: Burlington HS, Renee LeComte: Burlington HS, Renee LeComte: Burlington HS, Scarlett Kopalla: Winchester HS, Shannon Sullivan: Bedford HS, Sydney Lee: Winchester HS, Von Larson: Burlington HS

Photos taken by Chase Jones of the show be hung

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