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Creative Process Portfolio Review Day

We invite you to join us for our 2024 Creative Process - Portfolio Review session on 05/18 from 12:30-3:30 pm, where you can register to receive great feedback about your artwork by professional working artists. All participants will submit their preferred time, mediums in their body of work, and goals for the review to be paired with a reviewer.

In each 30 minute session reviewers will ask participants about what they are currently working on, their history with their own art, and what their goals are for their artist practice and work moving forward. Reviewers discuss directly with you to discuss work brought in, and your ideas moving forward.

This is open to all NAC students and members, and our local community! Whether you want to hear your work reviewed by one of your favorite NAC instructors, have a large body of work you would like feedback on, or are feeling like you are experiencing a creative block, our esteemed review panel will work with you and your needs. Participants will leave their 30 minute review session with the following:

Receive clear recommendations and suggestions to make your overall portfolio stronger, and also targeting specific parts of works brought in as needed.

An open space where you can discuss current ideas/recent body of work, and any concerns, creative blocks, or challenges faced that may be impacting your portfolio that you would like advice on.

Advice on how to make your artwork as presentable as possible for gallery opportunities, and promoting your art via artist’s website, social media, etc.


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