May 1 Update

Dear Members, We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. A little over a month ago we announced that we’d be closed through at least April 30. Here we are on May 1 and (of course) our doors remain closed. Like everyone else, we’re not sure when we’ll reopen, but we’re eagerly looking forward to that day and planning how to do so safely. While the shutdown has set us apart physically, it has not shaken our mission - building a community that supports artisans at all stages of their creative journeys and promoting art in our region. Admittedly, it has challenged us, but creative people love a challenge. Our community has remained vibrant and busy. Here is what we’ve been up to and how you can join in!

  • Creating, Sharing, Inspiring and Connecting. LexArt’s Marketing and Outreach Committee have revamped our, Facebook and Instagram sites to better connect, share and inspire our artisans and the community at large. Please check out all three. We’re displaying works in progress, completed works, and information. We invite you to share what you’re working on now or have recently completed - within your craft or something new. Respond to this email or use the "SHARE" link below to post images and/or videos. 

  • Learning from Each Other. Our Guilds are connecting through email, phone calls and regular Zoom video conferences--sharing tips, techniques, and ideas. If you would like to participate, please respond to this email, or contact the Guild Chair directly via This is a great time to explore our guild offerings and for current guild members to become more active. We have much to do and much to share.

  • The Gallery. Great news! Our Gallery is open 24/7. On our website of course. Right now we are featuring the Painters Guild show, Time and Place. Next up we will be featuring our Photographers Guild show, Vision & Reflections.

  • Learning from Our Inspiring Instructors. Several of our instructors have already begun teaching online. We’ve been working with them and others to develop new online offerings and hope to announce the first classes and workshops soon. In the meantime, we’ll be showcasing our instructors’ works in progress and sharing how the shutdown has inspired their creativity. Watch for announcements as to how to connect with our talented instructors remotely.

  • Online Shopping. Necessity has become our mother of invention, prompting us to open an online store. Gift certificates are now available by clicking here, and we are just days away from adding a shopping cart to the currently online Time and Place painting show. You will also be able to purchase items from the upcoming Visions and Reflections photography show and future exhibits and sales events. We anticipate that online sales will augment our annual Fall Fair and Holiday Marketplace. While adapting to these new realities, we have not been deterred from our longer-term initiatives. Planning for our Gallery Renovation and the search for a permanent Executive Director remain in full swing. The gallery renovation design is nearly complete and we still hope to commence construction this summer with a ribbon cutting this fall. Likewise our Executive Director search committee remains on track. They’ve developed a job description and are actively networking and hunting for candidates. (Know any talented possible candidates?) We anticipate a several month search with a final selection late summer or early fall. Many have asked about finances and how LexArt will fare through the shutdown. Thank you for asking! We are so grateful for a strong and committed community. The loss of class revenue certainly hurts, and prolonged or intermittent shutdowns could make matters worse. Fortunately we are a lean organization, largely supported by our volunteers. With continued help from our friends and supporters, we will be just fine and back stronger and more vibrant than before. How you can help?  Now more than ever LexArt depends on the generosity of our supporters. From the smallest to the largest gift, every donation impacts our future. May 3, 2020 is Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation. Mother’s Day is right around the corner. A donation or gift membership to LexArt makes a great gift.   Most of all, we love to hear from you. Call us anytime, or respond to this email with comments and suggestions.  Thank you for being part of the LexArt Community! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Warmest Regards, Katina Leodas Acting President