Single workshop Tuesday, February 23, 2021 15:30 - 18:00


Japanese Boro stitching is a type of mending in which running stitch and bits of fabric are used to patch and reinforce everyday household textiles and work clothing. A wide variety of effects are possible with simple tools and materials. In this class we will use scraps of fabric and the traditional running stitch to mend, embellish, and construct a fabric hot pad in the style of traditional Japanese household cleaning cloths. We will also discuss embellishing or mending existing clothing with Boro style stitching.


Level: advanced beginner- should know how to thread a needle and be able to use scissors. Appropriate ages: children aged 12 or older and adults


We will cover:

  • Managing the sashiko thread skein
  • Threading the needle
  • Arranging fabric scraps attractively
  • Stitching with running stitch
  • Constructing the hotpad, sewing the edges
  • Options for other embroidery stitches


Cost of the materials kit: $20.00

Materials in your kit:

  • Embroidery needle
  • Sashiko thread, 22 yards
  • Embroidery instruction sheet
  • Class instruction sheet
  • Fabric for hot pad (we will be working withRobert Kaufman Essex)
  • Insulbright for hot pad2
  • Some decorative fabric scraps
  • A 5-inch piece of twill tape


Class recordings are provided for reference.


Boro Inspired Handstitched Hotpads with Cheryl Moreau

SKU: C_21-CM-02O
Start Dates
  • Format Skill Level Materials Required
    Interactive Zoom Advanced beginner

    Kit provided (cost:$20)


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