Single workshop Saturday February 6, 2021 13:00 - 16:30 

Cost of the class is $65. Register in pairs and receive 20% off the second registration.  

Open to students 14+


Discover how to transform your artistic skills from sketch to custom chocolate bar. In this 3+ hour class students will learn how to design and make a simple chocolate tile.

We will start with a 4" x 4" drawing. The design will be cut from the craft foam sheet or styrofoam. This foam model will be used to make your mold for chocolate.

There will be 2 different mold making techniques introduced.

1. Mold making with silicone (using food grade silicone)

2. Mold making with vacuum forming machine (using Mayku PETG sheets)


The final step will be making of chocolate. The instructor will demonstrate melting and tempering techniques and filling liquid chocolate to the molds.

The students will leave workshop with two molds (forms) to make infinite chocolate bars at home.


Cost of the materials kit: $25.00 (due at the start of the class)

Materials in your kit: craftfoam sheets, styrofoam containers, PETG sheets, food grade silicone



Design your Own Chocolate Bar for artists & chocolate lovers by Marek Jacisin

SKU: C_21-MJ01S
Start Dates
Single or Pair
  • Format Skill Level Materials Required
    In-studio class  No prior experience with molds or chocolate required

    Scissors, X-Acto knife, ruler,cutting board.

    Material Kit provided (cost:$25)


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