3 Tuesdays, 6:00-8:30 pm

Begins June 15, In-Studio



In this class, we will be sewing a version of the Cardigan Coat from All Well Workshops – a simple pattern based basic Japanese jackets.  Like traditional garments such as a haori or happi coat, it is constructed without gussets, featuring an unshaped front facing or “lapel”, and worn open without a fastening.  We will customize this basic garment with your beautiful hand-dyed fabric and other fabrics creating a unique statement piece.




  • Your own hand-dyed shibori cloth from Shibori Workshop: Playing with Pattern and Indigo
  • Basic sewing machine skills (threading, winding a bobbin, sewing, changing presser feet).  


Please contact the instructor with any questions regarding sewing machines, sewing skills, or materials.


A $20 kit (directly payable to the instructor) will be provided at the beginning of the class. Students will need to bring additional material listed.



Japanesque Jacket: Sewing with Your Own Hand-Dyed Shibori Fabric w Cheryl Moreau

SKU: C_21-CM-04S
Start Dates
  • Format Skill Level Materials Required
    In-Studio Beginner

    Kit provided (cost:$20).

    Students will need to provide additional material listed here.


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