Portrait to Portrait with Peter Bain

Portrait to Portrait

July 21-22  or  August 11-12 (4:00-5:30 pm)


Draw your partner’s portrait across Zoom!  Reconnect with a distant friend or relative, make a lovely portrait of them, and have some fun.  


Our first class begins with a slide show to get inspired by some of the most famous portraits of history.  We will also watch a video to learn how to draw a face with correct proportions and then we will break into separate Zoom rooms to create a sketch of your partner.  Finally, we will learn how to alter our initial sketch into a likeness of our partner. 


In the second class, we will discuss ways to use values to create form, shading, and light. We will then break into separate zoom rooms again to then apply those techniques and finish the portrait of our partners.

Portrait to Portrait with Peter Bain

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    Pencils  "B" "H" or other


    Kneaded Eraser

    Other Soft Eraser


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