4 Fridays 4:00-5:00 pm

Begins March 26, via Zoom


In a positive atmosphere, discover ways to improve, or begin, drawing the world around you. This class will cover foundational drawing skills -proportion, angles, shape and shading- to help you represent a 3D world focusing on four basic forms: cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone. Work with readily available materials: paper, pencil, eraser. The teacher offers "office hours" between class session by appointment.

Class recordings are provided for reference.


Pencil Drawing: Basic Forms with Susan McFarlane

SKU: C_21-SMF-02O
Start Dates
  • Format Skill Level Materials Required
    Interactive Zoom Beginner

    - Drawing paper

    - #2 Pencil

    - Other drawing pencils optional

    - Kneaded eraser

    - White plastic eraser


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