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William Cravis

REALITY! Season One

A single banner headline from each day’s New York Times – beginning January 20, 2017 and ending on January 19, 2018 – is emblazoned onto an individual coffee mug. With each passing month, mugs diminish in size. Porcelain Slip-cast, oxidation kiln c/6, ceramic decals.



8 x 54 x 8

REALITY! Season One reflects on the material properties of clay, dramatic shrinkage in particular. Imagine creating a mold from a very large handmade coffee mug, then firing the resulting casted object, with about 15% shrinkage after firing. Next, make a mold of the new (smaller) object, fire the casting and, again, the object shrinks approximately 15% ... repeat this process a dozen times and you have a series of mugs that progressively decreases in size -- from the comically monstrous original to the innocuous, tiny, final form.

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