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Giving back to those who have enriched our lives

Please join us in supporting some very important members of our LexArt community – our instructors - who suddenly find themselves without income due to the COVID-19 emergency. LexArt has established the Support Our Inspiring Instructors Fund to provide financial assistance to those of our instructors who need it. 


Our instructors are a vital part of our art community, essential to what makes LexArt special. They are integral to LexArt’s mission of enriching lives through the power of art and craft. Their expertise, guidance and encouragement have been an important part of our artistic journey as we learn, create and share.

While some of our instructors teach on a part-time basis or have another source of income, others rely primarily on their teaching income from LexArt and other similar organizations for support. For this latter group of instructors, their income essentially disappears so long as we and other arts organizations remain closed. 


Please join us.

100% of the funds collected will be directed to our instructors in need.

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