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Code of Conduct

     LexArt is committed to providing a conscious, healthy, and respectful work environment for everyone involved in bringing its mission to life. The purpose of this document is to help us all work together to create a workplace where each person feels safe and is given the respect they deserve — where our individuality and differences can be celebrated.

     LexArt is proud of its professional and congenial work environment and seeks to ensure that it remains pleasant for all who work here. Accordingly, LexArt strongly disapproves of and will not tolerate disrespectful or biased behavior, prejudice, sexual harassment or harassment based on race, color, national origin, citizenship status, creed, age, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), marital status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status and any other status protected by federal, state or local law.

     Board members, employees, members, studio users, volunteers and students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is free of bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment at all times. The Code of Conduct is about helping us all to be responsible members of the LexArt community and committing to treating each other well. We make this commitment together and must support this commitment with our actions.

     To create a safe, trusting, and respectful environment, we must work to eliminate the following:

  • Behavior directed towards another individual, that is disrespectful or injurious of any kind as defined by the recipient or witnessed by another, including bullying, sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, use of inappropriate language, and all types of discrimination.

  • Behavior that is disrespectful or causes harm or injury to the organization, its directors, officers, employees, members, studio users, volunteers, students, or its business.

  • Willful negligence, defacing, damage, destruction, or removal of LexArt property from 130 Waltham Street without administrative approval or consent.

  • Handling of other people’s belongings, tools, or artwork without express consent.


Responsibilities and Expectations

     The following responsibilities and expectations are required of LexArt board members, employees, and volunteers and strongly encouraged of members, studio users, students, and visitors.

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that ensures others are able to work in a respectful atmosphere free from discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind.

  • If they have experienced or witnessed conduct that could be in violation of this policy, then (a) promptly notify the offender that their behavior is unwelcome; and (b) immediately report the incident to their instructor, studio manager, or a LexArt employee. No one should allow an inappropriate situation to continue by failing to report it, or by complaining only to the alleged harasser.

  • Instructors, employees, board members, or volunteers who receive a complaint, or otherwise become aware of conduct that could be in violation of this policy, must notify the Executive Director or, if appropriate, the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.


Investigation of Complaints

     LexArt will investigate all complaints of harassment, discrimination, or other objectionable conduct thoroughly and promptly, as appropriate to the nature and particulars of the complaint. LexArt will keep complaints, and the terms of their resolution confidential to the fullest extent possible. If an investigation leads to a determination that an individual engaged in conduct in violation of LexArt policies, LexArt will take appropriate, corrective action against the offending party, up to and including immediate termination of employment, membership, studio use or class participation.

Conduct Expected in LexArt Studios

     LexArt is a community of makers. Our studios are shared workspaces that must be operated cooperatively to be successful. Studio users share the same workspace, storage space, materials, tools and equipment, and studios are utilized as makers’ spaces, classrooms, and meeting rooms. This is only possible when all users work cooperatively, respectfully and follow prescribed guidelines. Our modest user fees are possible because all users support and contribute to the operations of the facility.

     Studio users must adhere to published safety protocols, maintain logs of studio use (sign in and out), report any supply outages or equipment issues, and clean tools, equipment, and their workspace after each  use. Users must be mindful and respectful of the studio manager, students, and other users.  Handling others’ belongings without consent is not permissible. The studios are not available to users during scheduled class or event time without express consent of the studio manager and the instructor. It is the user’s responsibility to check studio calendars for scheduled activities.

     Specific guidelines of studio use applicable to each studio will be posted and available to users.

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