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New & Renewing Memberships

LexArt members are the backbone, heart, and soul of our mission to spark joy, enrich lives, and build community through the practice, teaching, and sharing of art and craft.


Join us and help infuse art into the everyday life of our community


Your membership helps ensure that LexArt continues to provide well-equipped studios for artisans of all levels to work, learn and grow together; a wide range and constantly evolving education program with inspiring instructors; and a professional gallery space for our community to come together to exhibit and experience art, exchange ideas, celebrate new and varied perspectives and celebrate our shared humanity.  To explore the full menu of ways to engage with LexArt, please visit Offerings.

An added bonus:  your membership may be tax-deductible.


In addition to supporting LexArt’s mission, our members enjoy the benefits below.  Choose the level that works for you!

New in 2024: Your membership year now runs 12 months from date of purchase.  Auto-renew to ensure your ongoing support.

Member Benefits

  • I want to display my pieces at gallery shows but am not interested in joining studios. What should I choose?
    Select from one of the paid membership levels. You need not use our studios to be eligible to submit your work for shows. However, if you'd like to offer your work for sale at our Gallery Gift Shop, Holiday Marketplace, or other sales events, you must register with one of our studio groups.
  • Does membership include studio use privileges?
    No. Studio usage and selling privileges require separate registration. You may register for studio usage or enroll in classes without being a LexArt member. We are open to the public! That said, we'd love for you to be a member: members sustain our facility and ensure that we'll be around for generations to come. The separate fees we charge for studio use and classes help us meet the ongoing operating expenses for those activities.
  • I'd like to organize a group to explore a new artistic topic or medium? Is that possible?
    Yes! Throughout LexArt's history, various groups have come and gone, though some have been with us continuously since 1935. If you'd like to form a new group, please contact us via email or by telephone at 781-862-9696.
  • How do I join a Group?
    When you register for a Studio Use you are automatically affiliated with the group that operates in that studio.
  • May I join more than one Group?
    Yes. You may participate in whichever groups you wish. However, please note that use of our facilities does require you to register for Studio Use. To find out more about joining multiple groups, please contact us by email or call telephone 781-862-9696.
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