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Requirements to Sell and Show at LexArt

Exhibiting at LexArt Shows

Throughout the year, LexArt hosts a variety of shows in the Molly Nye Gallery.  Some are members-only, while others are open-call or curated.   LexArt members enjoy free entry to at least two member exhibits per year and reduced entry fees to other juried shows.  To ensure that our gallery is staffed during the run of these shows, we require that each member who has one or more pieces selected for a show cover at least one gallery slot during the run of the show.  We expect that most pieces exhibited will be offered for sale, and ask that exhibiting artists execute a standard Consignment Agreement with LexArt.

Retail Sales at LexArt

In addition to the exhibition program, LexArt offers year-round retail sales at the Nye Gallery Gift Shop, an annual Holiday Marketplace, and at other times throughout the year.  Participation in these sales is organized through our Studio Groups and requires annual registration in at least one such group.


To continue the tradition of strong community involvement at LexArt and maintain a broadly affordable fee structure, our sales program include cooperative work responsibilities.  Studio users who choose to sell must commit to cover gallery hours and use the Point-of-Sale cashiering system.  The Point-of-Sale system is easy to learn; LexArt provides at-home video training and in-person support. 


Selling in the Gallery Gift/Retail Space

Each 8-10 weeks (excluding the holiday season), we will offer registered studio users the opportunity to submit inventory for sale in the Nye Gallery Gift Shop.  Items will be juried by a group of volunteers, based on  quality, creativity, and sales mix (diversity of merchandise and price points, seasonality, etc.).  Inventory on display will rotate every 8 weeks or more often given the reality of sales.  The number of items made by each individual that can be on display at one time will be determined by the size of the items as well as available space.



(1) You must be registered for annual studio use with one or more studios.  Register here

(2) For work to be considered for juried inclusion, you must have covered at least three gallery slots (total nine hours) during the preceding three months, or nine slots (total 27 hours) during the preceding twelve months – excluding shifts worked at the Holiday Marketplace.


Selling at the Holiday Marketplace and at Other LexArt Sales Events

All LexArt sponsored sales events (such as the Holiday Marketplace and Parking Lot Sales) will be organized and operated by the participants in the sale with LexArt providing supports consisting of inventory input and sales tracking, labels for price tags, bags, etc. 

The number of cashiering shifts required of each participant will vary from event to event, and will vary with the hours of operation, number of required personnel, and number of selling participants.  Sales event organizers may choose to recruit non-selling members to volunteer for sales shifts, but doing so will be the responsibility of the event organizers.  Any participation by non-selling members is on a purely voluntary basis and is not a requirement or expectation of membership.


(1) You must be registered for annual studio use with one or more studios.  Register here

(2) To participate in the Holiday Marketplace, you must have registered no later than September 30.

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