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The Lexington Arts & Crafts Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit regional education center dedicated to the preservation and promotion of excellence in both the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts.

We were founded in 1935 when a group of artists and crafts-persons met and drew up a constitution with the objective "to foster in the community a more active interest in the arts and crafts and to encourage higher artistic standards in the arts and handicrafts".

In 1952, the Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization. For nearly twenty years after its founding, the Society carried on its activities in members' homes and in various public buildings in Lexington.

Then, in 1953, the Society broke ground for its own building at 130 Waltham Street. Designed by a fellow member, Marjorie Pierce, this art center was built entirely through the efforts of Society members. The building was dedicated the next year, and the first exhibit and fair were held. Additions to the building were constructed in 1965 and 1973. ..

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