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Create Your Legacy

Since 1935, Lexington Arts & Crafts Society has been committed to promoting excellence in both traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, nurturing creativity and inspiring our community. Today, we continue that commitment to spark joy, enrich lives, and build community through the practice, teaching, and sharing of art and craft.


We are glad to offer you some suggestions about ways you can make gifts that reflect what is important to you and do not require that you part with assets during your lifetime. Many supporters find that these other ways to give allow them to make their most significant contribution to LexArt. By planning a gift today, you can leave a legacy that ensures that the joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment the arts have brought to your life will be available for future generations.

Once you decide to include LexArt in your plans, we are delighted to celebrate your commitment and welcome you into the Phillip and Bernice Parsons Legacy Society.  The Society, named after Co-Founders and long-time active members Phillip and Bernice Parsons, honors their commitment to LexArt and continues to bring their vision to life. You’ll be joining others, like yourself, for whom LexArt has played a centering role in your life.

What would you like to do today?

Learn more about my Legacy Giving Opportunities

Download the LexArt Legacy Giving Guide.            or  Click here and we'll mail you a copy.

Join the Phillip and Bernice Parsons Legacy Society (LexArt is in my plans)

Make a Gift in My Will or Trust

It only takes one sentence*: "I give, devise, bequeath __________ (insert residual percentage of your estate, a fixed dollar amount, or an item of property to be donated) to The Lexington Arts & Crafts Society, Inc., a nonprofit corporation organized under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with its principal address at 130 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA 02421 and federal tax identification no. 04-6072895, for its unrestricted use." *This is merely an example. Donors are advised to consult a financial advisor or legal counsel.


Leave a Gift from My IRA or Retirement Plan ...and Avoid Double Taxation!

Many advisors consider traditional IRAs and qualified retirement plans the assets of choice to leave to charity because--if left to heirs--they are taxed more heavily than other assets: capital gains tax on appreciation and income tax on the distribution. Leave a gift to LexArt, and more to your family! Complete a beneficiary designation form for your IRA or qualified retirement plan (e.g., a 401(k) or 403(b) plan) to easily designate LexArt as a beneficiary of an entire plan or a percentage of plan assets.

Make a Gift of Life Insurance

Name LexArt as a beneficiary of a paid life insurance policy. It is that simple. Contact your insurance agent or carrier for the necessary form.

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