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Lory D. Molesky Scholarship Fund


The Lory D. Molesky Scholarship Award has been established to provide grants to individuals to cover the costs of annual membership to the Woodworkers studio, or tuition for any studio classes offered by LexArt. The award is available to all ages and demographics. Priority will be given to individuals with financial hardship and rehabilitation needs.


Please consider making a donation in honor of Lory's memory by clicking the blue button below.

Background of Lory D. Molesky Scholarship Award Funds


Lory Molesky passed away on April 8, 2021 after nearly five years of battling never-smoker lung cancer. During the last two years of Lory's life, he was a member of the Woodworker's Guild at LexArt. Working on artistic designs, crafting unique furniture pieces with cherry and maple, and volunteering at LexArt was deeply therapeutic throughout his cancer chemo treatments. It helped focus his mind and enriched his life. Lory's family would like to honor Lory by helping others who could also benefit from the experience that made Lory's life so much fuller.


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