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Craft Innovation Jumpstarter: Society of Arts & Crafts

Introducing the Craft Innovation Jumpstarter

In 2023, the Society of Arts + Crafts will award four (4) grants of $3,000 each: two (2) in the summer and two (2) in the winter. The application deadlines are June 5, for the summer awards and November 5 for the winter awards. The purpose of the grants is to support craft artists who reside in New England to pursue new directions or advance new ideas in their work. The goal of increasing equity, inclusion and diversity in the craft field will be an important focus of the program.

Eligibility Requirements for Craft Innovation Jumpstarter RESIDENCY: Applicants must reside in New England (defined as Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont). PURSUING INNOVATION: The goal of the Society’s Craft Innovation Jumpstarter Program is to financially support craft artists who are pursuing ideas in their studio practice that represent something new for them. Examples of this are: – introducing a different craft medium; – incorporating a new tool into your craft practice or using an old tool in new ways; – taking a new approach to craft education; – an area not listed here (artist will be asked to specify). Successful applicants will demonstrate achievement in and commitment to their craft or crafts. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applications are accepted year-round. To be considered for our summer award cycle, applications must be received by June 5, 2023. To be considered for our winter award cycle, applications must be received by Nov. 5, 2023. Required files include up to 10 images of current work (72 dpi minimum, JPG or PNG file types) and PDFs of the applicant’s response to the following prompts (1,000 words maximum). In your proposal, please address the following: – Your biography and craft background; where are you in your career? – Your past and current projects that relate to your funding proposal: how does this fit into your growth as an artist? – Your plan: what do you intend to do with the funding? – Your craft career goals: how will this grant contribute to achieving them? AWARDEE REQUIREMENTS: If selected, awardees are responsible for the following: Availability at Award Ceremony (late June or mid-December, exact date TBA) in Boston, MA. A stipend of $300 for travel is available. – Inclusion of the Society’s logo on artist’s website and/or social media with link to the Society’s website. – Attendance at a virtual meeting with juror(s) to discuss artist’s work and progress after six months. – Submission of a 1-page written report of results after one year.

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