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NESA-Soulful Sculpture: Aug 5th to Sep 3rd, 2023

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Aug 5 - Sep 3, 2023, Reception: August 6th, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Soulful Sculpture | 2023 New England Sculptors Association

NESA and LexArt are once again pleased to present a juried exhibit of sculpture in all its creative forms and in a variety of styles and media. Learn more about NESA

Free and Open to the public.

List of Artist and Artwork Titles:

Tone Ørvik The Boy on the Raft

Bayda Asbridge Pukao

Bayda Asbridge Blue Mountain

Lynne Johnson Contrasting Surfaces

Douglas Aja Second Chance

Craig Anderson Ascent

Craig Anderson Unity

Elisa Vanelli The Mermaid

Douglass Rice Take Another Piece of My Heart Now Baby

William Casper Resolute

Daniel Zampino Six Dancers

Brad Matthews Of Color Wondering

Scott Cahaly Quan-Yin

Scott Cahaly Orpheus

Carol Hartman Lost in Thought

Natasha Dikareva Where Did Our God Go?

Domenic Esposito Anima

Domenic Esposito Invisible

Cassie Doyon Subconscious

Mridula Satyamurti (Sat-ya-mur-ti) The Prayer

Kimberly Smith Countess of the Flea Market

Sylvia Vander Sluis Passage V

Scott Keeley OM

Alton Frabetti Cloudcover 2

Memy Ish-Shalom Here you are

Daniel Rocha Juno

Melanie Zibit Daphne

Delanie Wise Liaison

Delanie Wise Home

Ryan Kelley Low Bow II

Pete Spampinato The Future of Romance

Madeline Lord Old Flame

Elisa Adams Spirited

Elisa Adams Oracle

Elisa Adams Serenity

Silvinia Mizrahi Soul's Breeze

Susan Barahal Pivot

Daniel Kovacevic Welcome

Maria Luongo Goddess Remembered

Judith Davis Ode to Ukraine


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