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Summer Surprise: NESA Show, July 16 to August 7, 2022

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The New England Sculptors Association was founded in 1948. NESA has over 150 professional sculptor members, emerging sculptors and Friends of NESA from 7 states. Although the Association has no brick and mortar presence, they partner with local galleries, museums, historical sites, and communities to bring sculpture in all its amazing forms to the public, living up to their tagline of “bringing sculptures to communities”. LexArt, under the leadership of new Executive Director Matthew Siegal, has reinvigorated and expanded its mission of community arts and so found a partnership with NESA a natural fit. Siegal contacted Elisa Adams, the president of NESA,and invited NESA to host a show. Summer Surprise will feature contemporary sculpture created exclusively by NESA members. The exhibition will be open from July 16th through August 7th. The exhibition was juried by fellow local sculptors and LexArt patrons, Alison Lauriat and Molly Nye, along with Matthew Siegel. It includes 35 works by 23 artists, including Turkish Towel by Josie Dellenbaugh, evoking lazy summer days at the beach, and Leaves of Grass by Cassie Doyon, with the brilliant colors of the season.

List of Artists and Artwork:

Adams Elisa: Involution

Adilman David: Melissa

Adilman David: Is It You

Alemany Anthony: Sam Sketch #1

Barahal Susan: Amorphous

Cohn Bill: Corn Bundle

Dellenbaugh Josie:Turkish Towel

Dikareva Natasha: Listen Europe

Doyon Cassie: Leaves of Grass

Harding Kimberly: Empty Nest

Harding Kimberly: Joys and Sorrows

Kawada Janet: Entangled

Kovacevic Daniel: Untitled

Libby Bette Ann: Moon Gate

Libby Bette Ann: Queen Amenenhet’s Secret

Lorieo Jacqueline: Positive/Negative Noir

Lorieo Jacqueline: Torso

Myers Dan: Metamorphosis

Myers Dan: Faith Hope Love

Myers Dan: Angel of Peace and Grace

Plaisted Chris: Perception

Ross Gloria: Boomerang Vase

Shaw George: Untitled 4

Spampinato Peter: A Leap of Faith

Te Paske Derrick: Desperate Measures #6

Te Paske Derrick: Sex Pot XIII: ABYSS

Te Paske Derrick: Coil

Tuck Rebecca Mc: Gee Giacometti's Hat

Weinstein Al: Pesce

Weinstein Al: Ontogeny

Weinstein Al: Harmony

Wholey Mark: Follow Your Heart

Wholey Mark: Diary

Zampino Daniel: Singer's Embrace

Zibit Melanie: Embrace

Photos taken by the artists

Photos by Nicole Mordecai


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