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Meryl Ruth

Dysfunctional Par-Tea, A Ceramic Teapot

Hand-built stoneware clay used for the body of this teapot. Wheel thrown handle, spout/horn. Carved lid/head, feet and tail of the rabbit. Ceramic slip lace-draping technique used for the Edwardian collar. Silk-screen technique used for the face of the clock and ceramic tile base and flag. Multiple firings in an electric kiln at various temperatures. Glazes and lusters applied. Polymer clay used for the flag and bow.

9.25" x 10.25" x 6.25"



This is one of a series that grew from a commission to create an Alice in Wonderland teapot.  I was drawn by the challenge of blending so many disparate motifs by way of incorporating a variety of materials and techniques.  The rabbit, the queen of hearts, trumpets, and pocket watches conspired for a painstaking flight of fancy.

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