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Coastline: May 21 to July 10, 2022

This show is a celebration of the New England shoreline and coastal way of life using painting as the medium. The focus is on traditional ways of life and the beauty of the New England coast.

List of Artist and Artwork:

AbdurRahim Gray-Untitled

Ann Miller-Port Clyde Co-Op Road

Ann Miller- Nantucket Sand Road

Cynthia Samuelson-Gloucester Deck

Denise Kracz-Ebb and Flow

Fred Augenstern- Beached Buoy

Heidi (Caswell) Zander- August Heat

Heidi (Caswell) Zander-White Wharf Playtime

Hilary Baldwin-Over the Dunes

HIlary Bruel-Clark's Island IX

Iris Osterman-Tidal Flat

Jill Pottle-Firehouse at Little Deer isle

Jill Pottle-Clam Factory

Jill Goldman-Callahan By Distances Become

Jin Chyung-Flowers on the Cape

Joanne D.Donovan-Trapped

Karen Berman-Mulligan-Open Ocean

Karin Samatis-Sea Gull Hotel Truro, MA

Katalin Spang-Harbor in Gloucester

Kathy Edmonston-Bog Road

Kay Hudgins-Refuge Morning

Laura Menucci-Summer Days

Lisa Nelson-Competing Coastlines

Madeleine Lord-Beach Walk

Marcia Cooper-Handstand

Palmira Pena-Spring Mornings

Palmira Pena-Dreamy Sunset

Patricia McCarthy-Catching the Wind

Patricia McCarthy-Beach Pines

Paul George-Off the Coast

Ponnapa Prakkamakul- Pioneer

Priscilla Levesque-Kayak Ramp

Richard Dorbin-The Tides That Bind

Richard Dorbin-Beacon Blues

Rose Walsh-Cooke-Tug Boat Racing

Rose Walsh-Cooke-Dock Jumping

Sandra Kavanaugh-Cobalt Ocean

Sarah Morrison-Beached Urchins

Sarah Gerould-Wingaersheek Rock

Sarah Morrison- Marginal Way

Shubhra Chandra-Legs Underwater

Sudakshina Bhattacharya-Portland Head Light

Sudakshina Bhattacharya-NE Coastline at a Glance

Susan McFarlane-Friends

Susan McFarlane- Along the Way

Photos taken by the artists

Photos taken by Nicole Mordecai during Opening Reception

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