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Crosscurrents: January 7 to January 29, 2023

Crosscurrents explores the convergence of Chinese and American cultures and how this intersection affects artistic production here in New England.

Co-hosted by the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL). LexArt and CAAL share a commitment to providing services that enrich the lives of everyone in Lexington and the surrounding communities.

To celebrate the exhibit opening and the Lunar New Year, LexArt and CAAL hosted a festive Chinese New Year Culture Fair on Sunday, January 8. The event featured demonstrations, performances and presentations of traditional Chinese art, calligraphy, clothing and music, including Dough figurines; Chinese Zodiac/Chinese Name Book Mark; Chinese Traditional Paper Cutting; Chinese Calligraphy; Chinese Brush Painting on White Fan; Candied Haws; Chi-pao · Chinese-style cloth & fashion clothing; Chinese Outfits for Children. Watch this video of the event created and reported by the Boston Film Academy.

Thanks to our primary sponsor the Lingzi Foundation and to our supporting sponsors: the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, EA Education, Richard's Auto Service & Sales, and Seasons Four.

List of Artist

Xiao Yong Liu, Weipu Chang, Yahong Shen, Mike Mei, Louis Lam, Junyu Cheng, Guochun Wang, Catherine Chan, Daisy Lifton, Son-Mey Chiu, Bouchon Ruan, Alvin Guo

Photos taken by Nicole Mordecai

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