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Call For Artists - Chatham Festival - Cape Co Fine Arts and Crafts Festival Sept. 9th and 10th, 2023

A Call to Artists – We are contacting you because you most likely know some quality artists that may be interested in exhibiting and selling their works at the Chatham Fine Arts Festival we are hosting. This show is not an average festival – vendors always comment on how successful this location has been for them.

Highlights of why we chose this venue:

As an award winning designer (Goldsmith vendor) at this location I have sold $2-5k per day of quality jewelry year after year. Proving that the visitors are willing to make substantial purchases.

Free on-site parking lot.

We are actively recruiting quality artists and crafts people to build an exciting display of works. The venue is located 2 feet from the side walk on the busiest street in town (Main Street). The festival is highly visible and accessible from the street and parking lot. Sandy beaches, quality restaurants, and unique shops draw people from surrounding areas. September is the biggest month for Chatham weddings which draws extra shoppers. Some of the finest inns are located in Chatham bringing visitors that wish to browse. Chatham has the highest median income on Cape Cod and has a large population of art loving residents.

This is a great location to sell quality art or obtain commission work. Other fairs have been at this location for years - the parking lot is always full from visitors.

Chatham police will be directing traffic and be on-site for overnight security.

The event is listed by two major news sources (Cape Cod Times and The Enterprise) under local events.

The event is listed on google local Chatham events and many other websites that show Cape Cod events.

We will continue to market and heavily promote the event as the date approaches.

We are contacting a few New England key people that are involved with art creation or have connections to the art community. Our goal is to reach a larger audience of talented individuals.

We want artists and creators of unique works. We hope you can help connect us with some quality people.

We are limiting artists in categories so that the festival is not saturated by a few types of art. Therefore visitors and exhibitors will enjoy the event’s opportunities to the fullest.

The Chatham Fine Arts and Crafts Festival Sept. 9th and 10th 2023 10am - 4pm Chatham Community Center 702 Main St, Chatham, MA


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