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Exploring the World of Fibers: January 8 to 30, 2022

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

“Exploring the World of Fibers!” marks the recent transformation of the LexArt Weavers Guild into the Weaving & Fiber Arts Guild. To celebrate the broadening of their mission, the LexArt artists invited participation from other local and regional weaving guilds and fiber artists. The exhibition “beautifully represents the breadth, vibrancy, and innovation of this region’s fiber artists,” said juror Beth McLaughlin, Interim Director, Artistic Director, and Chief Curator of the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. McLaughlin stated, “It was a pleasure to serve as juror for Exploring the World of Fibers and to experience the stellar submissions.”

“LexArt is turning its focus outward. We are striving to broaden and redefine community, to reach out, engage and be welcoming, to nurture, express and celebrate our collective creativity and humanity,” says Matthew Siegal, Executive Director of LexArt. “We wish to share our facility, our studios, and our beautiful, newly renovated Molly Harding Nye gallery. In support of that mission, the Weavers Guild at LexArt has opened its doors to all the new and exciting developments in the world of fiber arts, to many new friends and members, and to all the potential and opportunity that comes with fostering an inclusive and open environment.”

The Weaving & Fiber Arts Guild, co-chaired by Jodi Colella and Pat Pervane, has been a long-time part of LexArt. Historically focused on weaving, the guild is now branching into a variety of other fiber arts. Members are at various stages of their fiber arts journey and have access to a 892 square foot studio at LexArt with a mix of floor, table and tapestry looms, plus all the trimmings. While the guild has been meeting remotely during the pandemic, they look forward to being back in the studio and welcoming new members. “Our members actively participate with the rest of LexArt – collaborating with artists from other guilds, volunteering for organization-wide shows and events, and contributing items for sale in the Nye Gallery and online,” says Pervane.

“This exhibition expresses an exciting time for LexArt and the Weaving & Fiber Arts Guild,” states Colella. “The guild now engages members and workshops from all genres of fiber arts including weaving, felting, embroidery, mixed media, dyeing and more. It is a vibrant inclusive group focused on building skills and community. There is a creative curiosity among its members who are eager about learning, interacting with each other and teaching all things fiber.”

Photos taken by the artists

List of artists and artwork titles:

Shari Boraz- Morning Fog Emerges

Louise Berliner- Visceral

Jodi Colella- Monocle

Nyndia Diligent- Missed

Jerilyn Heinold- Jewels & Stripes

Lauri Hugentobler- Blue Shadows Shawl

Anne Pardo- Table Runner

Amy Pett- Mysteries of Leaves

Amy Pett- Secrets (Big and Little)

Rachel Rosenblum- Snuggly Blanket

Minna Rothman- Deeper Roots

Ellen Solari- January in Hanoi

Mihoko Wakabayashi- Indigo Poncho

Priscilla Alden- Earth Daughter

Priscilla Alden- Journey II

Malka Benjamin- Handwoven Personal Bag

Susanne Brown- Brown, S Scarf/Vest

Merill Comeau- Mother Daughter They Daughter

Nancy Crasco- Interstice

Jennifer Davies- NIGHT GAZE

Eleanor Elkin- Twisted

Judith Felton- Indigo Duo

Anna Kristina Goransson- In the Drone of Melancholy, an Undeniable Positive

Carol Anne Grotrian- Haiku Quartet

Kimberley Harding- Pain Containment Pod No. 2 - Left Foot

Sarah Haskell- Indigo Nights

Sarah Haskell- Bright Island

Martha Heller- Indigo Landscape

Janet Kawada- Late Night Journey

Cindy Kennelly- Diva Dahlia

Cindy Kennelly- Party Horns!

Virginia Mahoney- Armor Valerie Maser-Flanagan Conversation # 2

Stacey Piwinski- Portrait of a Virtual Community

Meryl Ruth- Bridget on Navajo Rug, A Needle Felted Portrait

Meryl Ruth- Three Orchid Blossoms, A Fabric Collage Quilt

Meryl Ruth- Proud as a Teapot, A Fiber Teapot

Leslie Schomp- Self-Portrait

Leslie Schomp- Two Ways of Running

Adrienne Sloane- Leaking

Marsy Sumner- Weird Bird

Rebecca McGee- Tuck Airing Out the House

Cynthia Walat- Magic Carpet with Fringe

Karen Weinhaus-Raphael times two

Karen Weinhaus- Hidden Strength

Julia Mitchell- Ames Pond, Winter

Photos taken by Nicole Mordecai


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