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Lexington Council for the Arts- Call for Art

Dear Artists,

This is a call for artists to paint utility boxes in Lexington this Spring/Summer. Open to all interested artists, in or out of Lexington.

This spring, the Lexington Council for the Arts will continue its effort to transform some of the Town’s utility boxes into unique works of art. Utility boxes sit on street corners and sidewalks, holding all the equipment that keeps our town ticking. They hold traffic light controls, cable connections, electric transformers and more.

Theme: As We Turn 250: Our country will soon be commemorating the United States Semiquincentennial, 250 years since our nation fought for independence. Lexington was a huge part of the events that shaped our nation’s history. There are many ways to tell this story. Consider the issues and people who lived during this revolutionary period. What are the untold stories of these people? Think beyond the Minutemen. As we move forward in time think about how liberty and freedom changed our country. How will liberty and freedom be viewed in our future? Use your imagination and create a design that helps us understand our past or shape our future.

We invite interested artists who are at least 18 years old and who have painting experience to submit an original design for the theme As We Turn 250 by April 5, 2024 to be considered for this year’s jury. Artists will be compensated $500 per box.


To find out more details and for a submission form, email Laurie Bogdan at


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