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Natural Visions: April 23 to May 15, 2022

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

A celebration of Earth Day: Representational and Abstract Work by New England Artists on Nature, the Environment, and Conservation

The Natural Visions show focused on 2- and 3-dimensional work that relates to nature, the environment, and conservation. Work can be representational or abstract in any medium and any material, natural, man-made, or recycled. Sculpture, painting, watercolor, woodwork, jewelry, ceramics, fiber, decorative arts, and photography are all showcase.

List of Artist and Artwork in the exhibit:

Alice Abrams Mr. Frog, Elisa Adams The Future, Elisa Adams The Universe, Elisa Adams Majestic, Amy Aker Bee's Here Now, Stevie Leigh Andrascik Garbage Bin, Paul Angiolillo Seedling, Paul Angiolillo A Hungry Chick, Elizabeth Arnold Sidestep Bubble Cuff, Elizabeth Arnold Rising Bubbles Necklace, Peter Bain Winter Birches, Katharine Baker-Carr Spring Snapper, Joan Baldwin Marsh Litter, Susan Barahal Shell, Susan Barahal Drift, Robin Brooks Coastal Elements, Robin Brooks Swimmer, Niels Burger Shadows in Blue, Niels Burger Bloodlines, Son-Mey Chiu Goldfish, Jin Chyung Trees in December, Jin Chyung Gingko Leaves on the Ground, Jin Chyung Pink and Peach Flowers, Judith Cooper Seeded Cocoon, Cathy Cote Summer Showoffs, Nancy Crasco Stones and Seagrass, Anne DeBenedictis Sunning, Gary Duehr Arctic, Stan Eichner Balanced Rock, Ellen Fisher Across the Pond, Ellen Fisher On the Ridge, Richard Fishman DR Trees, Ellen Foust Bullough's Pond: Early Fall Clouds Rolling In, Nancy French Bark, Maria Frohman Reaching High, Maria Frohman Carey, Jennifer Fuchel Bee Keeper, Erik Gehring An Island Framed, Erik Gehring Paperbark Maple, Jill Goldman-Callahan Glacier Shift, Jill Goldman-Callahan Prevail, Jill Goldman-Callahan Earth Exhales, Stephan Goldstein Kelp, Stephan Goldstein Pinon Pine, Deadhorse Point State Park UT Tamara Gonda Res Forest, Maria Green A Maine Moment, Carol Anne Grotrian Rushes & Slow Ripples, Carol Anne Grotrian Chasm Lake, Helen Hankin Patterns, Louise Hara Furling Unfurling, George Herman A Brook (summer), George Herman Vernal (winter), Cindy Kennelly Butterfly Bowl, June Lee Hummingbirds, Deborah Lewis Menotomy Blue, Madeleine Lord Polar Melt, Terri McEleney Changing Seasons, Susan McFarlane Connections, Susan McFarlane Amber Waves, Terri McEleney Path into the Woods, Peggy McWade Running Free, Jessica Melton Rusting Away, Jessica Melton Eastern Cottonwood Study, Marcia Miller The Leaves Hide Treasures, Ann Miller East Street Maple, Marcia Miller The Bird with the Golden Legs, Marcia Miller Cultivating Patience, Nicole Mordecai Wild Turkey Feathers, Lisa Nelson Eastern Mud Salamander, Bruce Neumann Mobile, Andrea Olmstead The Procession Andrea Olmstead Ascendancy, Carla Osberg Satori, Carla Osberg Beach Forest, Hackett Paul Mother and Calf, Julie Peck Gray Coast, Julie Peck Rhode Island Cliffwalk, Julie Peck West Virginia, Minna Rothman Migration 2015: Integration Nan Rumpf Eco-Tainment, Meryl Ruth Felted Owl Quilt, Meryl Ruth Tesserae in Refracted Light, an Art Quilt, Meryl Ruth Ra-ta-tat Tea, a Ceramic Teapot, Karin Samatis Octopus Garden with Donuts, Cynthia Samuelson Bird Spa, Leslie Schomp Chicken Girl with Fox Fur ,Fay Senner Untitled, Sonal Shah The Marsh, Stephanie Shore What If?, Stephanie Shore O Canada!, Beryl Simon Frog Pendant, Beryl Simon Endangered: Koala, Ellen Solari Nested #6, Ellen Solari Nested #2, Sharon Stafford Opened, Sharon Stafford Copperseed Pods, Margaret Stevens Glass Raindrop, Rose Walsh-Cooke Marconi Beach, Tom Whelan Reflections, Snow, Ripples, Janis Wisniewski You Caught My Eye, Karen Yi Garden Dreams, Rochelle Zohn Gnarle

Photos of artwork in the show taken by the artist themselves