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Optimism: June 18 to July 10, 2022

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Optimism is a regional juried exhibit of exceptional work by New England polymer artists that explores optimism in all its forms---a personal positive outlook, a community-wide response to challenging times, reflection on the past, joy in the moment, hope for the future.

The exhibit was juried by Kathleen Dustin, widely recognized as one of the world's leading polymer clay artists. Kathleen Dustin has been a pioneer, an educator, and source of inspiration for those interested in this emerging medium. Selected work will reflect the excellence, range, and diversity of the New England polymer community.

List of Artist and Artwork

Deena Dubin: Spring Flowers Fantasy Necklace, Denise Fitzsimmons: Safe at New Home: Denise Fitzsimmons: Anxiety Mask, Denise Fitzsimmons:Out of the Blues, Denise Fitzsimmons: Golden Debris, Denise Fitzsimmons: No Matter What, Karen Swiech: Happy Surprise Box Karen Swiech: Teacup, Karen Swiech: Souvenir Mural, Karen Swiech: Construction Badge, Karen Swiech: Souvenir Mural Bowl, Kathleen Dustin: Silk Road Handbag, Kathleen Dustin: Silk Road Earrings- Kathmandu, Kathleen Dustin: Silk Road Earrings - Istanbul, Kathryn Corbin: After the Storm - a vase, Kathryn Corbin: A Pond to Ponder, Kathryn Corbin: Leap of Faith Kathryn Corbin: It's Complicated - a reversible neckpiece, Laurie Lloyd: Spring Starts Here, Laurie Lloyd: Ellie T, Lee Johnson: Emerging, Lee Johnson: Bursting Forth, Libby Mills: Bells Dance, Libby Mills: Mod Flower Party, Libby Mills: Mod Sampler, Libby Mills: Quilt Play, Libby Mills: Threads, Linda Leach: Searching, Linda Leach: Happy Fields, Linda Leach: Sun Searching, Linda Leach: Sunflowers, Lynne Sole: Chain necklace, Lynne Sole: Asymmetric lentil bead and wire necklace, Lynne Sole: Under The Sea Mosaic, Marcia Miller: Paradox Pendant, Marcia Miller: Rainforest Pendant, Marie Harriman: White Bubbles, Mark Goldwater: The Spotted Cat, Marsha Firestone , Nancy Nearing: Reach, Nancy Nearing: Bloom, Paula Lewis: Felted Beads with polymer clay beaded accents, Paula Lewis: Ode to Ukraine, Paula Lewis: Wearable Vessel, Paula Lewis: Human Race, Paula Lewis: Shades of Black to White woven bead necklace, Seana Bettencourt: Tropical Zen Bowl, Susan Boecke: Monarch Brooch, Susan Boecke: Viking wrapped blue polymer set

Photos taken by the artists

Photos by Nicole Mordecai


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