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Reflections: 2023 Earth Month Exhibition

2023 Earth Month Exhibition

April 5 – 23, 2023

Artists Reception, Wed, April 12 - 5PM-7PM

The Umbrella Arts Center Main Gallery

Reflections: Listening to Nature

Nature is full of reflections produced by light, water, and rocks. It is often the quality of light on a surface, of saturated color, or the whispers of a breeze that invite moments of personal reflection. Instances of being still and watching animals go about their daily activity. When we spend time in nature, how do the arts help us listen and learn? How do we share this experience with others through the arts? It’s common to feel disconnected from the climate change data, yet rebuilding connections between each other and the natural world is essential to sparking collective action.

Frequently referred to as a universal language, art can be the bridge between the hard reality of climate change, and the emotions we need to feel to take action. How has the way that we relate to the natural world created this crisis we find ourselves in? When we attune our senses to our local ecosystem, what can we learn?

Whether one uses the arts as an outlet, a way to deepen your connections to the environment, or a tool for change, we encouraged our community members to submit artworks responding to the theme Reflections for this year's non-juried Earth Month Exhibit, which will run in The Umbrella Arts Center gallery from April 5 through April 23, 2023. This exhibition featuring more than 100 works was the breathtaking response!


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