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Renewal at Brookhaven: March 31 to May 25, 2023

Updated: May 26, 2023

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with a members-only show presented by LexArt at Brookhaven at Lexington

List of Artists and their works:

Albert Zabin: A-Mountain Sheep

Anne Pardo: Woven Jacket

Carol Baran: Rug in Red and Black

Cassandra Goldwater: Hope Springs

Cecilia Flores McKean: Old Lime Quarry

Ellen Foust: Spring Green Evening

Eugene Styller: Renewal of the day, Breakfast

Janis Wisniewski: Symmetry/Asymmetry

Jeannette Corbett: Lavender Fields of Provence

Jennifer Fuchel: Leaning Towards The Warmer Glow

Jerilyn Heinold: A Splash of Color

Jianfang Li: Faneuil Hall

Jin Chyung: Painted Tulips

John Maciejowski: Spring Blossoms

Jonathan Acheson: Punalu'u Beach Hawaii

Julie Laukkanen: Outburst

Linda Langdon: Spring Song

Louise Hara: Awaiting Spring

Martha Heller: Garden Songs

Mary Lou Eshelman: Colors of a Spring Day

Melinda Comeau: Shades of Amethyst Scarf

Miriam Boucher: Humming bird

Molly Nye: Builders

Nicole Mordecai: Juvenile Barred Owl

Peter Bain: Blue Wonder

Rose Walsh-Cooke: Butterfly Magnolia

Sarah Morrison: Marking Survival

Sarah Gerould: Pathway To the Moon

SaraSue Pennell: SSPennell-More Calm

SaraSue Pennell: SSPennell-Red Window

Sudakshina Bhattacharya: Spring Renewal

Suki Hanfling: Flowers at My Mother's 90th Birthday Party

Suki Hanfling: Suki-The Tree of Lights

Susan McFarlane: Day Lilies

Tala Abunuwar: Cosmic Love Surrounds You

Thomas Whelan: Forget-me-not


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