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Weaving Air: A Workshop Overview of Lace Weaves

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Pioneer Valley Weavers

Two-day Workshop, April 22nd and 23rd, 9AM-4PM

All levels welcome and accommodated

Florence Civic Center, Florence MA (Florence is part of Northampton, where Webs is located)

Cost for both days including handout fee, $225.

Lace weaves magically allow the weaver to bend the grid, creating holes to allow air and light to become part of their design. These weaves have been called “plain weave with defects” (Diana Frost), with floats added in one or both directions to pattern the cloth. We will start the workshop with an introductory lecture on the loom-controlled lace weaves, including Huck, Canvas, Swedish Lace, Lace Bronson, and Spot Bronson. We’ll look at how each structure works, plus setts, materials, and weaving tips. There will be a wide variety of samples and pieces to examine.

This workshop is a round-robin, on-loom exploration of lace weaves, huck, canvas, Swedish lace, lace Bronson (Atwater-Bronson lace), and spot Bronson. The looms are warped in different lace drafts, in a variety of fibers, grists, and colors. The treadling options for each loom include simple instructions for the person who is trying the structure for the first time, plus intermediate and advanced instructions for those who are more familiar with the particular structure. If time a permits (it is tight in the 2-day version), a half hour exercise for interested intermediate and advanced weavers will demonstrate a quick trick for transferring a profile tie-up to lace weave tie-ups. At the end, we will cut off the warps and discuss the variety of woven samples.

To reserve your spot, please contact Ellen Redman:


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