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Studio Operations Overview

LexArt is a community of artists and makers. Please come and join us. We foster curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, as we practice and pass-on traditional methods of craft. We operate shared, cooperative studio spaces that are available to everyone on a quarterly or annual basis.

One need not be a member to register for studio use, but members sustain LexArt financially and enjoy exhibition and sales benefits.  When you register for studio use, you automatically enroll in the artist group associated with that studio.


We have four equipped shops dedicated to Ceramics, Weaving & Fiber Arts, Metalworking and Polymer Clay & Beading, and Woodworking, plus an equipped Painting studio and a multi-purpose studio. Shops and studios function as maker’s spaces, classrooms, and meeting rooms. There are also three other studio groups, Decorative Arts, Needle Arts, and Photography, that do not have dedicated workspace, but meet regularly and have access to LexArt classrooms, meeting rooms and all other shop and studio spaces under supervised open studio conditions.  Note:  Beginners may need to enroll in one or more classes before they can register for studio use.


We strive to be welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to all, demonstrate kindness and respect for one another, and embody generosity and a spirit of service. We ask everyone to adhere to a Code of Conduct that supports and acknowledges these values.

Equipment Usage, Safety & Skill Levels

Level of access to studios is based on level of proficiency in a craft, familiarity with associated equipment and knowledge of safe practice.

  1. Safety first means that each individual accepts responsibility for their own safe conduct in the shop and does not attempt to work on equipment or use techniques beyond their knowledge and capabilities.  This is reflected in a Waiver of Liability each person must sign during registration.

  2. Potential Users will have their skill level assessed by the studio manager.

  3. Individuals with no experience in a particular craft field must enroll in beginner level classes.  Note:  Class tuition includes access to studios under supervised open studio conditions during term of class.

  4. Individuals with limited prior experience in a craft field may register as a studio user with access limited to supervised open studio conditions.

  5. Individuals with proficiency in a craft field and knowledge of equipment and safe practice will have unregulated studio access, with the exception of scheduled class time.

  6.  Only students enrolled in a class may use a studio during scheduled class time. All paid studio users may make use of any studio in the building when available, subject to the following:

  • Use of the four equipped shops may take place under supervised open studio conditions.

  • Scheduling of supervised open studio time will be determined by need to the extent possible.

  • Open studio time can be scheduled and supervised by both studio managers and shop monitors.

  • Shop monitors are experienced/skilled users, approved by studio managers, who provide voluntary oversight of less skilled studio users.

Cooperative Responsibilities

LexArt is a charitable non-profit, operating cooperative workspaces. To keep user fees modest and serve the broadest possible audience, studio users are asked to contribute to maintaining the studios by adhering to posted studio norms and responsibilities, helping with quarterly studio clean-ups and reorganizations, acting as studio monitors if qualified to do so, and contributing to a caring and nurturing environment. For more, please review our Code of Conduct.

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