Picture of WFA Studio

Welcome to the LexArt Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild!  

The WFA Guild has been a longtime part of LexArt.  Historically focused on weaving, we are now branching into a variety of other fiber arts.

Our members are at different stages of their fiber arts journey.  Some are advanced weavers, some are beginners.  Some spin and dye, others are curious to learn more.  Some are exploring felting, split-ply braiding, bobbin lace and paper craft.

We have a sunny 892 square foot studio at LexArt with a mix of floor, table and tapestry looms, plus all the trimmings:  a well-stocked library, plenty of accessories, from warping boards to bobbin winders and everything in between, and enthusiastic and accomplished weavers.

Dyed yarn drying

Our looms include floor looms, table looms, and even a tapestry loom. As we continue to grow our guild to encompass other fiber arts, we look forward to learning about dyeing, spinning and spindling, basket weaving, and freeform weaving.

Fiber Art by Jodi Colella
Tapestry weaving

Whatever your niche in the fiber arts world, we look forward to welcoming you, learning with you and learning from you.

Red scarf

Our members actively participate with the rest of LexArt--collaborating with artists from other guilds, volunteering for organization-wide shows and events, and contributing items for sale in the Nye Gallery and online


Please contact us HERE to learn more about us and drop in to visit us in the studio or via a zoom.

See here for some common FAQs about joining the Guild and what we do.

Visit our ONLINE GALLERY to see more of our members’ work!

Rag weaving on the loom
Rep weave on the loom