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HAN-JI- October 7 to October 22, 2023

Annual KCSB Exhibition

Making Paper, Sewing Seeds, Considering Our Environment

The Inspiring Work of Jongkuk Lee

October 7 - 22, 2023 11am-5pm Tue-Sun

Reception Saturday, October 7th, from 3-5 pm

LexArt welcomes Jongkuk Lee, a very special guest artist from South Korea. In partnership with the Korean Cultural Society of Boston, the Molly Harding Nye gallery at LexArt will feature Lee’s works of Han-ji, traditional Korean handmade Mulberry paper.

Responsible for rekindling the Han-ji tradition in his rural village of Bulat in Cheongju, Jongkuk Lee cultivates and cuts Mulberry trees, strips and pounds the bark, prepares his own lye, glue, dye and mordant from locally sourced plants, and then fabricates traditional Korean forms such as lacquered vessels and trays, fans, lanterns, bags and baskets, as well as painting on his hand-made paper.

The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is excited to recognize the efforts of a fellow artisan on the other side of the world, working to preserve traditional craft.

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There will be an artist’s talk the week prior to the exhibit opening, Thursday evening October 5th, 7pm.

The artist will lead a Korean Fan workshop, Friday, October 6th. You may register here:

Tiktok video of the show:


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