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WFA Guild Q&A

  • How much does it cost to join?

    • The fee is $385 ($255 for seniors).  Join here.

    • Some members join multiple guilds.  You do not have to buy a second artisan membership, only the add-on fee for the additional guild.

  • What are the benefits of joining the guild?

    • We are a friendly and dedicated group!  

    • We enjoy learning from each other and seeing each other's projects and inspiring each other!

    • We have great resources:  a beautiful space, a comprehensive library, and lots of equipment.

    • We love to help answer each other’s questions.

    • Fiber arts can be a niche hobby--it’s great to know others who share your passions!

    • We provide, via LexArt, an opportunity to showcase and sell your work.

  • What responsibilities do members have to the guild and to LexArt?

    • Members of the guild are expected to take on responsibilities to both the Guild and LexArt:  This can include:

      • Guild outreach and program planning

      • Studio upkeep

      • Volunteering at LexArt sales and studio events

      • Contributing to the holiday sale

  • How often do we meet?  What if I can’t come to all the meetings?

    • We meet alternate weeks on Zoom (Monday evening) and in the studio (Tuesday morning).

    • Some members arrange to come on other days, so you can reach out and try to find a time to be at the guild when other members are there in person.

  • Do I need to make a reservation to come into the studio?

    • No.  Members can come in any time that LexArt is open.  

  • How do I get permission to use a loom or other equipment?  How long do I have to finish a project?

    • Our guild is lucky to have a great space with lots of equipment.  Members are welcome to use anything in the studio!

    • And yes, you can use the yarn!

  • What equipment do you have for non-weavers?

    • Spinning Wheels

    • Sewing equipment

    • Rag cutters

    • Various tools

  • What is in your library?

    • You can browse our collection of books and magazines at any time.  We have books organized by type of fiber art, and also have back catalogs of weaving magazines.

  • Is it OK if I am a beginner?

    • Of course!  We are all beginners at something in this guild, and not all of us are weavers.  While regular guild meeting times are not for specific instruction, we are putting together a curriculum and can also guide you to other resources to learn to weave.  We also are always happy to share experiences and knowledge.

    • We are also expanding resources for other fiber crafts.  

  • How do I sell my work?

    • LexArt runs an annual holiday sale to which Guild members are encouraged to contribute.  

    • LexArt operates an online store that you can sell at at any time.

    • A portion of sales benefit LexArt and the Guild.  

  • Do we have a gallery or an online gallery?  

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